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Número da peça DC24C5500
Descrição Organize / Check / Report all assembly tools in the plant with their capability status.
Benefícios Make an inventory of Psets and Tools. Bind Mean of Control and Mean of Production for generated Machine Capability Tests Reports.
Organize and follow routes from station to station, with users access rights management.
Measure 3 tightenings and carry SPC or make a tool adjustment based on a defined number of measurements. Generate a certificate if OK or a report if NOK
Decide whether tools is good to go or requires an adjustment / repair or replacement.
Store results of tests in a local database to prove that the necessary audits of the line were conducted.
Características Configurable torque range from 1 Nm to 1000Nm with up to 4 cells. Torque reaction bars, joint simulators and accessories included
External Rotary Transducers DRT5 can be added for in-line calibration (Angle Strategy). Auto Calibration CVI2 & CVI3.
Manual or automatic (via Open Protocol) double reading bench / controller with automatic verification of a drift.
Overview of your tools inventory with a calibration status. Planning of next calibrations.
PST High accuracy static transducers with locking system specially designed for pulse tool calibration. ISO RIG System for click wrenches calibrations
Faixa de torque up to 5 / 25 / 100 & 500 Nm

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