Torquímetro Digital Inteligente c/ Wi-Fi - Q-Shield 500-C - 50 a 500 Nm


Torquímetro Digital Inteligente c/ Wi-Fi - Q-Shield 500-C - 50 a 500 Nm

Q-SHIELD 500-C Descrição Técnica

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Número da peça 6159352040
Feedback type RGB Backlight wrench display and handle Vibration
Lever arm length 1100 mm
Compliance ISO 6789:2017
Min torque 50 Nm
Tightening strategies Yes
Drive (mm) 21x26
Quality strategies Yes
Battery type Lithium-ion
Drive (in) 0.82x1.02
Power supply 3500 mAh Battery
Output drive type Sq
Accuracy (ID accuracy_measurement tool) (%) ±1% on torque reading value from 10% to 100% of nominal torque (CW and CCW)
Side to Center 22.5 mm
Min torque 36.9 ft.lbf
Autonomy (h) 8h connected/10h in standalone
Weight 5.58 kg
Battery capacity 3.5 Ah
Overload torque 443 ft.lbf
Max torque 369 ft.lbf
Unit measurement supported N.m, lbs.ft,, oz.ft,, kgf.m,,, d.Nm, degree
Output drive size (in) 3/4
Family Manual torque wrenches
Length without ratchet 1137 mm
Subfamily Digital torque wrenches
Tightening direction CW and CCW
Type class Type I, Class 3
Angle accuracy (%) 1% from 3°/s to 250°/s angular speed (2,5% from 1,2° to 3°/s)
Max Ambient Operating Temperature 60 °C
Curves memory capacity 25
Communication type WIFI 2.4 & 5 Ghz - IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n
Communicating Yes
Results memory capacity 1000 (99 on display)
Overload torque 600 Nm
End-fitting management Yes
Angle measure Yes
Max torque 500 Nm

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